Come now, let us reason together.
—Isaiah 1:18

The following is a list of free resources (except for books, unless borrowed from your local library). The information is under three categories: video, audio, and text (including books). It includes both philosophic and scientific proofs for a "super-intelligent, transcendent, creative power standing at the origins of our universe."[1]


Science, God & Creation
Magis Center of Reason and Faith, Vimeo
See the Text section below for the related study guide.


Finding God Through Faith And Reason (online or mp3)
HOST: Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.
     NOTE: To access the mp3 format: The following are direct links to listen online; right click on the audio bar to download the mp3.
     The series can also be accessed via the above link which is to the Audio Search page.
  • EPISODE 1: How Can You Prove God's Existence?
  • EPISODE 2: St. Thomas Aquinas' Proof of an Uncaused Cause
  • EPISODE 3: Metaphysical Proof Part One: Proof of an Unconditioned Reality
  • EPISODE 4: Metaphysical Proof Part Two: Proof of an Absolutely Simple Reality
  • EPISODE 5: Metaphysical Proof Part Three: Proof of a Unique, Unrestricted Reality
  • EPISODE 6: Metaphysical Proof Part Four: Proof of a Continuous Creator of All Else That Is
  • EPISODE 7: A Priori Cosmological Proof Part One: Proof that Past Time is Finite and Requires a Creator
  • EPISODE 8: A Priori Cosmological Proof Part Two: Proof that the Creator of Past Time is not Conditioned by Time and is Therefore Absolutely Simple
  • EPISODE 9: A Posteriori Cosmological Evidence: The Universe is Finite in Time and Space, Implying a Creator
  • EPISODE 10: Teleological Evidence, Part One: The Extreme Improbability of the Universe Being Capable of Sustaining Life
  • EPISODE 11: Teleological Evidence, Part Two: The Extremely Improbably Universe Betokens a Super-Intellect Designer
  • EPISODE 12: Manifestations of God's Absolute Simplicity: Truth, Love, Goodness, Beauty and Being
  • EPISODE 13: Evidence of the Human Soul: Our Desire for Perfect and Unconditional Truth, Love, Goodness, Beauty and Being
  • EPISODE 14: The Proofs in Light of Christian Faith: One God, Three Persons and the Incarnation

Peter Kreeft, Ph.D. (professor of philosophy, Boston College)

Catholic Answers Live
  • Call-in radio show. Listen live, or via podcast or free mp3, or watch live or archived on YouTube.
  • Although CAL covers many topics, they regularly have shows on God's existence and atheism from a scientific and philosophical position. A good search term for this would be "Trent Horn" who is the guest on many of this topic's episodes.


Summa Theologiae
Question 12. How God is known by us

Peter Kreeft, Ph.D. (professor of philosophy, Boston College)

     Arguments for God's Existence:

Strange Notions
Description: "…the central place of dialogue between Catholics and atheists."

Magis Center for Reason and Faith (Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D.)

     Science, Reason & Faith: Additional Resources
     This is a list of six resources:
  • VIDEO: Science, God & Creation (above)
  • PDF: Study guide to the above video. Comprehensive and self-contained, this is a free 128 page booklet that gives more detailed information than is found in the video and gives step-by-step explanations.
  • PDF: Evidence for God from Physics and Philosophy
  • PDF: Thomistic Metaphysical Proof of God
  • PDF: Lonerganian Proof of God
  • PDF: Science, Medicine, and Near Death Experiences

     God and Modern Physics: Facts About the Beginning and Design of the Universe (pdf)

New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy
Robert J. Spitzer [Ph.D.]. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Grand Rapids. 2010.
  • 320 pages
  • Topics include: universal space-time asymmetry, cosmic coincidences, the intelligibility of reality, string theory, quantum cosmology, mathematical thoughts on infinity, and much more.

[1] Quote from Ignatius Press.

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