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A note on how the information on this page is organized: This page has information about and for: about  the intellectual journeys people have taken that have led them home to the Catholic Church, and for people who wonder why anyone would want to leave x belief system and join the Catholic Church, for people who might be thinking of joining x faith but have some nagging doubt about its claim to truth, (and for those who have other reasons). How does one list so many faith journeys into a consistent and organized list that is user-friendly at the same time? I don't claim to know the answer, but this is my attempt nevertheless.

So, the converts are listed by last affiliation before coming home, with clergy listed first in each category, and with the person's journey listed in brackets.

NEW Books: Titles of books with conversion stories are at the bottom of this page. People in these books have ``(book)`` after their name and former religious affiliation.

More: There are also many more conversion testimonies at Coming Home Network International.

Considering joining the Catholic Church? If you or someone you know is considering coming home to the Catholic Church, please contact your local Catholic church (parish) or Catholic diocese for information on the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.) program in your area.

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Catholics Come Home
Coming Home Network International


NEW Crawford, Adam (Calvary Chapel, Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Nondenominational, Protestant pastor)
Freeman, Ernie (Assemblies of God pastor) (video)
Grodi, Marcus (Congregationalist, Presbyterian minister) (book)
Hahn, Scott, Ph.D. (Presbyterian minister) (book)
NEW Johnson, Joseph, Ph.D. (Baptist, Non-denomination, charismatic, Presbyterian: various, minister) (text)
Longenecker, Fr. Dwight (Evangelical, Anglican priest) (book)
Smith, Thomas (Mormon, Church of God in Christ, Baptist minister)
NEW Stellman, Jason (Calvary Chapel missionary, Presbyterian: PCA minister) (text) (*audio)
NEW Stewart, Jason & Cindy (Presbyterian pastor: PCA) (text) (audio) (video)

NEW Anders, David, Ph.D. (Presbyterian) (text)
Ordway, Holly, Ph.D. (Atheist, non-Catholic Christian)

NEW Beck, Stephen (Evangelical, Presbyterian: OPC) (audio)
Forrester, Pam (Protestant, Evangelical Free Church) (text) (video) (book)
Richardson, Natalie (Reformed Baptist)
NEW Witz, Annie ( Presbyterian: OPC) (audio)
  • NOTE: The Melkite Greek Catholic Church is part of the one Catholic Church so recognize the Pope as the Vicar of Christ. It just uses a different liturgical rite than the Latin, aka Roman, rite.


Lu, Rachel, Ph.D. (Mormon) (audio)

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Noonan, Moira (Catholic, New Age minister) (book)

Edwards, Libby (Protestant, Mormon, Neopagan Witch)


Fulwiler, Jennifer (Atheist) (video: Journey Home) (video: *Renewal Ministries)
* Libresco, Leah (Atheist) (Yale graduate)
NEW Vost, Kevin (Atheist) (book)

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NOTE: The books below are not linked to. Please patronize your local library, or Catholic or other book store.


Surprised By Truth: 11 Converts Give the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic
Patrick Madrid, Editor. Basilica Press: Dallas, 1994 (reprinted 2011).
  • 271 pages
  • Jimmy Akin, Dave Armstrong, Rick Conason, T.L. Frazier, Marcus Grodi (Presbyterian minister), Al Kresta, Tim Staples (Assemblies of God minister), Bob Sungenis, Julie Swenson, Paul Thigpen (Presbyterian, associate pastor charismatic parish), Steve Wood.

Surprised By Truth 2: 15 Men and Women Give the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic
Patrick Madrid, Editor. Sophia Institute Press: Manchester, 2000
  • 298 pages
  • Martin K. Barrack (Jewish), Jeff Childers (Church of Christ), Steve Clifford (LDS), Tim Drake (Lutheran), Kristine L. Franklin, John Gibson (Wiccan), Laura Johnson (Methodist), Carolyn Kollegger, Mary Beth Kremski (Pentecostal), Kevin M. Lowry, Nancy Montgomery (`Cafeteria`Catholic),  Lynn Nordhagen,  Eric Pavlat, Fr. Ray Ryland    

Surprised By Truth 3: 10 More Converts Explain the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic
Patrick Madrid, Editor. Sophia Institute Press: Manchester, Reprint edition 2002

  • 320 pages
  • Msgr. Stuart Swetland; David Mills (Anglican); Greg and Julie Alexander; Carl E. Olson; Paul C. Fox, M.D. (Christian Commune); Pam Forrester; Dwight Longenecker (Anglican priest); Pete Vere, JCL; Br. Paul Campbell, LC; Patty Bonds


Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism
Scott & Kimberly Hahn, Ignatius Press: San Francisco, 1993
  • 198 pages

Crossing the Tiber: Evangelical Protestants Discover the Historical Church
Stephen K. Ray, Ignatius Press: San Francisco, 1997
  • 284 pages
  • Heavily footnoted
  • Index


Ransomed from Darkness: The New Age, Christian Faith and the Battle for Souls
Moira Noonan, North Bay Books: El Sobrante, 2005
  • 175 pages


From Atheism to Catholicism: How Scientists and Philosophers Led Me to Truth
Kevin Vost, Our Sunday Visitor Publishing: Huntington, 2010
  • 216 pages
  • Endnotes

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