A warm welcome to you, whichever part of the world you live in!

As a convert to Catholicism (and to Christianity in general) I, like so many others, was quite naïve about the Judases in the Church. Although I had done my research and knew that the Catholic Church alone had the fullness of truth, I was still an infant in the Faith. Not yet having enough in-depth knowledge to discern what beliefs were loyal to the magisterium and what were not (if they said they were Catholic, I trusted that they were and did not know that there are groups claiming to be Catholic but were actually created to destroy her) I financially supported some ministries---at times even on the advice of well-meaning but mistaken fellow Catholics---which I later found out were dissenting from Church teaching.

However, as I listened to orthodox Catholic radio programs and slowly found orthodox Catholic Web sites and grew in my knowledge and understanding of the Faith, I began to learn who the dissenters were and why we should not listen to them. Also, being involved in my parish, I saw that there were many other people who did not know where to turn for authentic Catholic information, or who were turning to all the wrong sources to the detriment of their souls and the souls of their loved ones.

And if the dissenters have succeeded in confusing Catholics, it's no wonder that so many non-Catholics, who have less reason and motivation to understand what Catholics actually believe (although seeking truth should be reason and motivation enough), are confused as to what the Catholic Church teaches.

Hence this blog. It is a way to share "found treasures . . . of Catholic orthodoxy", and is my small contribution to steering people away from error and toward truth.