FRUGAL FRIDAY: $0.99 MP3 Of Staples/White Purgatory Debate At Catholic Answers

I love Catholic Answers.[1] They are loyal to the Pope and magisterium so are careful to disseminate accurate information on what the Church teaches. The only negative critique about them, really, is that the high cost of shipping to where I live (Canada) is prohibitive. And even this isn't the fault of Catholic Answers as it is the reality of shipping costs in general. So, I've used them as a guide to faithful products which I've then purchased more locally (which isn't a bad thing), while sighing that many of their products I'd like to buy aren't available where I shop.

Until now! How happy I was to find the MP3 of The Purgatory Debate: [Tim] Staples vs [James] White[2]...for just 99 cents! (Oh, joy!) And because it's an MP3 download, there are no shipping costs. (Oh, further joy!)

Also of interest is the article by Catholic Answers' director of marketing Jon Sorensen titled "The Debate We Don't Want You to Hear".[3] (I don't know whether the people over at Alpha & Omega Ministries like All Hallows Eve so much that they can't wait until October or if Sorensen likes it so much he sees it everywhere--let the reader understand ;) ). In his article, Sorensen shares with us the many assumptions of James White and his people over at Alpha & Omega Ministries which in turn led them to repeatedly disseminate inaccurate information. This is something we must all be careful to avoid: making assumptions about people. Catholicism teaches that charity demands that we think well of people, giving them the benefit of the doubt until and unless we have accurate information showing otherwise.

So grab your $0.99 copy of The Purgatory Debate and have double enjoyment: that you saved money and own a copy of a great debate featuring Tim Staples! You might even want to have some mint gum while you're enjoying it ;) .





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