Fountain Of Mercy by Angelina: Video and Lyrics

Divine Mercy Sunday is drawing near. Join us beginning on Good Friday, April 6, 2012 for the Divine Mercy Novena.

In preparation for the Novena which culminates in the Feast of Divine Mercy, here is another installment in our series on Divine Mercy.

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Angelina was only a girl of 15 when this video was filmed: a girl with the gift of a beautiful voice!

Fountain of Mercy

by Angelina

There is a fountain of mercy
found in God's only Son.
Come to this fountain of Mercy,
and you'll find that grace will make us one.

The proud will not find grace there,
only those who trust in Him.
God's Mercy is everywhere.
Come to Him, find peace within.

Mercy is grace for the soul,
Mercy in deed, when in word, and prayer.
His grace will make us all whole,
teach us love and show the world we care.

The minds of angels and of men
cannot fathom God's grace.
Those with humble hearts begin
to see Mercy as God's Face.

Fountain of Mercy.

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Brother Peter said...

there is one error: The lyrics should read as follows: "Mercy is grace for the soul, MERCY IN DEED, WORD AND PRAYER. I got these lyrics right from Angelina.

Anonymous said...

I would like to make corrections in the lyrics. First correction is: "Mercy in deed, word and prayer." Second correction is: "THIS grace will make us all whole." I give you my soleum word that this is correct.