Divine Mercy In My Soul: A Free Audio Series

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Divine Mercy Sunday is drawing near. Join us beginning on Good Friday, April 6, 2012 for the Divine Mercy Novena.

In preparation for the Novena which culminates in the Feast of Divine Mercy, here is another installment in our series on Divine Mercy.
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So, you've heard about the greatest attribute of God, His Divine Mercy, and now you want to follow His example and live a life rich in mercy. Divine Mercy In My Soul[1] is the program for you!

This free 76-part audio series, hosted by Polish priest Fr. Jacek Mazur and Rick Paolini, offers insight into the life of St. Faustina and the message Our Lord wanted her to give humanity to remind us of His great Mercy! The hosts are candid about their own struggles in living this message of mercy, sharing with us both their falls and their victories - something we can all relate to. They share with us how Divine Mercy has impacted and improved their own lives, and, as Rick says in the pilot episode, how it "gives purpose to those things I just didn't understand."

Episode Themes

Along with themes on the Divine Mercy image, chaplet, novena, and feast, the various episodes include special guests and topics such as:
  • Sacred Scripture
  • spiritual warfare
  • Divine Mercy in creation
  • Holy Spirit
  • Passion and sufferings of Jesus
  • obedience
  • Divine Mercy and the Second Coming
  • silence
  • distrust, discouragement, and despair
  • St. Joseph
  • St. Faustina's visions
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Eucharist
  • performing acts of mercy
  • the Child Jesus and spiritual childhood
  • Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy devotions
  • Mother Mary
  • the mystery of God and His Ways
  • Satan and evil spirits
  • faith, faithfulness, and fear
  • trials and temptations
  • willpower
  • scrupulosity
  • death and the process of dying
  • the power of prayer
  • gratitude
  • Divine Mercy chaplet for the sick and dying
  • chosen souls
  • repentance
  • persistence and patience
  • sacrifice
  • purgatory and hell
  • unity with God
  • intercession of the saints
  • the suffering and despairing soul
  • the Merciful God toward the sinful soul
  • grace
  • periods of darkness in one's life
  • the role of the Church Militant in the salvation of souls
  • virtue of humility
  • the element of trust
  • examination of conscience
  • developing a well-formed conscience

Listening Options

You have various options to listen to this free audio series: listen online, download any or all of the MP3 files, subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, and Live Bookmarks (this last option shows up when Firefox is used).

Divine Mercy In My Soul[1] is an original series produced by The Station of The Cross[2] Catholic radio, WLOF FM, part of the EWTN network.

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What is your favourite Divine Mercy experience, story, or quote? Share it with us in the comments section!

For more information on Divine Mercy, see the links under "Devotions" in our sidebar.


[1] http://www.wlof.net/feed/wlof/divinemercyinmysoul.xml

[2] http://www.wlof.net/index.php

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