Another Abortionist Arrested For Drug Trafficking

Late-term abortionist Dr. Zvi Harry Perper, 49, is one of four doctors who have been arrested in a sting operation conducted jointly by various U.S. agencies. Perper's father is the chief medical examiner of Broward County, Dr. Joshua Perper.
According to the Los Angeles Times, "The raids stem from pill mill investigations run by a multi-agency task force formed in 2009" which included the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and state and federal insurance fraud investigators. "Pill mills are called a major cause behind the deaths of seven Floridians a day from prescription drug overdoses," the paper reports.

Perper is charged with 18 counts, including trafficking in oxycodone, conspiracy to traffic in oxycodone, and racketeering, and could face up to 490 years in prison.

Jill Stanek is reporting that Dr. Perper was also arrested in 2005 in connection with his involvement with the tragic death of Baby Rowan, who was born alive in fellow convict Dr. James Pendergraft's late-term abortion mill (in which he was fined $10,000 in 2008, according to state records). "Clinic workers went so far as to turn away [Emergency Medical Technicians] at the mill door who the mother had called to help her baby." (Wait a minute, what happened to the "a women's right to choose" rhetoric? Hmm. When words don't match actions, always listen to the actions.)

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Here is the video of the arrest of Dr. Perper:

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