Women Who've Had Abortions Speak Out

"Because it was legal, I thought it was okay." 

"I didn't know what abortion was, nor did I care."

What's so bad about abortion? These women will tell you, because they know first hand. They will tell you why they chose to have an abortion. They will tell you what they went through afterward, how abortion affected their health. They will also tell you how they found help and forgiveness. They will tell you their stories. Will you listen?



Biedrik said...

Excellent post! It's always important that people hear about this. The pro-choice movement never mentions stuff like this. An interesting thing would be to see how some men have felt about how their children were aborted.

Lisa said...


Thank you for your kind words.

The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways! I was planning to post on men regretting losing their fatherhood to abortion. The first is scheduled to be posted tomorrow (March 3, 2011).

Pax Christi