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In 1957, the Communist Chinese government declared the Catholic Church illegal and replaced it with a (schismatic) institution controlled by the government, forcing the authentic Catholic Church underground. (The Communist government also transferred all properties of the Catholic Church to the new state-run 'Catholic' Church.) Ever since that time the Church in China has been facing strong persecution.
The media have reported on the "Catholic Church in China"; however, what they actually report on is the government-run Patriotic Association Church, not the authentic Catholic Church.

The Cardinal Kung Foundation[1] provides information about the persecution of the Catholic Church in China. Some of the topics covered include:
  • Articles,
  • Biography of [the late] Ignatius Pin-Mei Cardinal Kung,
  • Collected Testimonies,
  • Did You Know...?,
  • Persecution of the Catholic Church,
  • [the] Pope's Exhortation,
  • Prayer Room,
  • Press Releases,
  • Prisoner List,
  • Projects,
  • Religious Freedom in China,
  • State Control of Religion in China, and
  • Status of Chinese Bishops.

A press release of January 11, 2001 on their site addresses how the Chinese government is threatening the welfare of certain orphans in an attempt to punish Bishop Jia who has repeatedly refused to renounce his communion with the See of Peter, the Pope.

This site offers invaluable, eye-opening information.

Read why they have earned an excellent (green) fidelity rating[2] from

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And please keep our brothers and sisters in China in your prayers.




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